Every time I fart, it sounds like the word HONDA

This guy went to the doctor and said to him “Doctor….I don’t know
what’s wrong with me, but every time I fart, it sounds like the word

“That’s interesting, never heard of anything like that before. Do you
think you could fart for me?” says the doctor. The guy says “Sure.”
And sure enough, the doctor hears “HONDA”.

After several attempts to figure out what’s wrong with this guy, the
doctor runs out of ideas. He sends him to all sorts of stomach
specialists and none of them can figure out why this guys farts say
“HONDA.” It is a completely out of this world medical condition.

Finally, as a last resort, the doctors think they should send the man
to a dentist.

After explaining the problem to the dentist, the dentist opened up
the guys mouth and examining it.

The dentist says “A-haa!!!!….I have solved the problem.”

The patient says “What is it? What is it. Please tell me doc”…..The
dentist replies “Well, sir, you have an abscess tooth.”

The guy says “Yeah….so….What has that got to do with my farts?”

The dentist replies, “Cant you see??….. Abscess Makes The Fart Go HONDA”

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1 thought on “Every time I fart, it sounds like the word HONDA”

  1. When I heard this about 30 years ago it was a bit different. When they could not diagnose the problem a young intern suggested the call in a visiting doctor from Japan who was a fartologist. After the fartologist diagnoses the problem and the dentist does his work they ask him how he knew what that problem was. Answer: In Japan velly well known fact that abscess makes the fart go Honda.

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