They cut off the wrong leg

When he awoke after his operation, the man was appalled to be told that by mistake the surgeon had cut the wrong leg off. Realising the mistake they had, of course, to amputate the bad leg as well. They were all very sorry !

Not surprisingly, he was not happy with this and when he had been discharged from hospital he went to see his lawyer.

“No problem, we’ll sue them for everything they’ve got,” he was told, “You have a cast-iron case.” As this was going to be such a big case, they decided to seek the help of a famous New York expert lawyer who specialised in medico-legal problems, and the patient was to return to his lawyer when the expert’s advice had been received.

Several weeks later he was called back to his lawyer who met him with a rather gloomy face.

“I’m sorry,” he was told, “but the expert advises you not to proceed with the case as you have very little chance of winning it.”

“WHAT !” exploded the patient. “It’s an open and shut case. They cut off the wrong leg.”

“Ah, but don’t you see. You can’t win the case as you haven’t got a leg to stand on.”

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  1. very funny, made me laugh and i dont smile or laugh easily plus i have depression

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